Established in 2001 as an institution with legal personality subordinated to the City Council of Oradea, the Social Assistance Department of Oradea (DASO) administers and provides social assistance benefits and social services.

The areas it covers are wide-ranging: protection of children, families, the elderly, people with disabilities and other people in social need. DASO develops policies and strategies, community development programmes to prevent risk situations faced by groups or individuals in the community.

The support that the municipality, through DASO, gives to families and people in need is of two categories: social services and social benefits.

In the category social services offered by DASO, are:

→ Monitoring of elderly people discharged from residential/medical-social centres;

→ Shopping, picking up prescriptions for elderly or medically ill people who have no caregivers;

→ Burial of corpses with unknown identity or without relatives (deceased in Oradea);

→ POAD Operational Programme, under which vulnerable people receive hygiene materials, food and social vouchers for hot meals;

Collaboration with the NGO sector, which has experience and expertise in the field of social service provision, is one that benefits the people of the community, together developing beautiful projects;

→ We manage, advise and guide 263 personal assistants of severely disabled people employed on a contract basis and 1679 severely disabled people receiving monthly allowances. Also, in partnership with DGASPC Bihor, we contribute to rehabilitation services for children with disabilities in the Day Centre for the Recovery of Children with Disabilities;

We are involved in the care, rehabilitation and integration of children with disabilities, i.e. educational and vocational guidance for children with special educational needs;

Following the permanent identification and regular monitoring of children with parents working abroad, since April 2015 when we initiated the information campaign "Alone at home - Take care of your children wherever you are!", we have organized summer camps, theatre performances, regular meetings with the carers of children whose parents are working abroad and with parents who have returned home;

→ Monitoring personal relationships with the child, inn the event that one parent prevents or adversely affects the child's personal ties with the other parent by failing to comply with the schedule set by the court or agreed by the parents;

→ We provide, based on a service plan, free psychological counselling to develop emotional and social skills, psychological counselling/psychotherapy to improve emotional and behavioural problems;

→ Monitoring of underage mothers, assessment and monitoring of children who have come to hospital as a result of psychotropic substance use, suicide attempts, depression or child assessment who have committed an offence under criminal law and who are not criminally liable.

→ For homeless people, we make available to the community The Night Shelter on the str. Gutenberg nr. 8The shelter has a capacity of 71 places in the 2 buildings and 9 containers inside the shelter, equipped with showers with hot water and toilets for both men and women, laundry room with professional washing and drying machines;

→ In Gutenberg Community Centrelocated at the same address, namely J. Gutenberg nr. 8, during the day, homeless people benefit from psychological counselling, support in finding a job, help in obtaining identity and civil status documents and, last but not least, they can enjoy watching TV programmes;

→ For young people from foster care, aged between 18 and 35, who have left the child protection system, are homeless and do not have the financial means to rent or buy a home, there are Dignitas Social Centre which, in addition to the accommodation services it provides, also offers support in adapting to independent living, i.e. finding a job, managing money, social and recreational activities, excursions, etc.;

Day Care Centre Oradea, located on str. Traian Lalescu nr.3C helps children from large, single-parent, disorganized families by offering social services consisting of: day care, two meals a day, after-school activities, education, recreation, socialization, life skills development activities and school orientation.

ACCES-OR Service (Service for the Organisation and Operation of the Information, Counselling and Support Service for Facilitating Access of People with Disabilities to Community Life), supports people with disabilities by providing special transport services by means of a vehicle equipped with 8 seats plus 1, a hydraulic system for boarding/alighting wheelchair users, in order to facilitate their access to the community.

→ Cele 4 Multifunctional Social Centres in the neighbourhoods (Rogerius, Nufărul, Ioșia) serve both elderly and disabled people and children in the community. Here leisure activities take place, DASO has ongoing partnerships with associations and foundations that provide social services in the municipality of Oradea, as well as certain projects carried out with the help of volunteers for the benefit of children and the elderly.

In the category social benefits offered by DASO, it falls:

  • guaranteed minimum income or social assistance;
  • social canteen food service;
  • help with heating your home for the cold season;
  • emergency aid;
  • family support allowance for low-income families raising and caring for children up to the age of 18;
  • child-raising allowances, incentives insertion benefits, state allowance, family support allowance, social vouchers for kindergarten, electronic social voucher for food/hot meal, electronic social vouchers, exceptional financial benefits to prevent separation of the child from his/her family.
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