Owners’ associations

- Guidance and control of owners' associations in Oradea;

- certification of administrators by issuing certificates of condominium administrators;

- assistance with the establishment, division, dissolution and amendment of the statutes and association agreement of owners' associations;

- keeping records of the establishment of owners' associations as well as their registration in the database;

- providing daily public relations, according to the established timetable, in order to provide expert assistance to homeowners' associations; assisting people who complain about various matters falling within the office's remit;

- drafting responses to various requests from citizens and public institutions in the municipality on issues specific to the office;

- carrying out financial and management audits of owners' associations;

- the establishment of contraventions provided for and sanctioned as such by Law no. 196/2018, as amended and supplemented and by Law no. 82/1991, as amended and supplemented;

- keeping records of the situation of the balances of assets and liabilities of owners' associations;

- preparing and presenting information and reports, based on on-the-spot checks of requests, referrals, complaints, addresses and hearing notes;

- drafting replies to complaints submitted under Law No 544/2001 on free access to information of public interest;

- Keeping records of Law No 112/1995 and formulating answers related to them;

- carries out activities related to the preparation, organisation and conduct of general and local elections, presidential elections, Europarliamentary elections and referendums, in accordance with the laws in force;

- posting and preparation of minutes of summonses, auction publications, and criminal sentences, minutes, copies of criminal minutes;

- distribution and registration of correspondence within the Legal Directorate;

- travel in the field to various requests from citizens and public institutions in the municipality, on issues specific to the service;

- checking and visaing maintenance declarations and seasonal labour declarations.

There are more than 900 owners' associations in Oradea.

The list of owners' associations can be found here:

LIST of the owners associations in Oradea 15.09.2023

Composition of the Bureau of Owners' Associations:

Name First name Position Email address Phone Inside
Munteanu Laza Delia Head of office aspro@oradea.ro0259/437000214
Adriana Chirila Advisor aspro@oradea.ro0259/437000214
Dulău Camelia Advisor aspro@oradea.ro0259/437000214
Marin Aurelia Advisor aspro@oradea.ro0259/437000214
Tiurbe Mariana Advisor aspro@oradea.ro0259/437000214
Negruț-Posan Olimpia Advisor aspro@oradea.ro0259/437000214
Bogdan Florina Maria Advisor aspro@oradea.ro0259/437000214

Contact: Piața Unirii nr.1, ground floor, room 21

Program with the public: Daily, 8 a.m.-12 p.m.

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© Copyright 2023
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