Orădenites love cats and dogs! The increased number of pets in our city proves it. Dogs or cats at home manage to brighten our days and remain the same reliable companions.

This is why Oradea is striving to improve the conditions offered to those who have animals, provided that the rules regarding their ownership and welfare are respected.

Within the city limits, there are pens for the dogs, where they can run free. Also, the municipality has recently started a free microchipping campaign for owned dogs belonging to common breeds and their half-breeds, and when it is completed, it will continue with another sterilization campaign, also subsidized by Oradea City Hall.

Here are the dog pens located in Oradea:

- 1 December Park - 1

- Nicolae Balcescu Park - 2

- Olosig Park - 2

- Salca Park - 1

- Seleuș Park - 2

- Silvaș Park - 1

- Promenada mal Criș str. Al. Cazaban - Transgex - 2

- Octavian Goga Park - 2

- Promenada mal Criș str. Sovata - Mountain rescue - 2

- Promenada mal Criș str. Sovata - Pod Densusianu - 2

- 18 - 21 - 1 Italian Street

- A. Xenopol Street - Oneștilor intersection - 2


By Decisions 69 and 70 of 2014, the Oradea City Council adopted two regulations to encourage responsible pet ownership of dogs.

HCL no. 69/2014 aims at a set of measures to manage the problem of stray dogs in Oradea.

REGULATION on the management of stray dogs in Oradea_HCL 69_2014_ANEXA

HCL no. 70/2014 envisages a series of measures aimed at encouraging the responsible ownership of dogs as pets and discouraging the uncontrolled breeding of dogs.

REGULATIONS on responsible dog ownership and against uncontrolled breeding of stray dogs - HCL 70_2014_ANEXA

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