Why Oradea?


With its rich history, which gives it a prestigious character, Oradea is a landmark for this region of Romania, from any perspective: economic, cultural, urban or educational. The city has a wealth of attractions, offering public facilities in an increasingly citizen-friendly urban setting.


The multi-ethnic, multi-confessional and multicultural character is defining for Oradea, giving it a civilized, European and, implicitly, tolerant air. Good understanding and mutual respect between the different communities in the city is characteristic for our city.

Here Romanians live in harmony with ethnic Hungarians, Germans, Italians, Slovaks, Jews and Roma, all of whom lend the city a part of their identity, each contributing happily to the evolution of the city.

The impression that Oradea leaves on those who pass through it - ordinary tourists or lovers of old architecture - is that of a spectacular architectural reserve. A place where the beautiful, old and new, come together in a unified, harmonious and, at the same time, complex whole.

We confidently state that Oradea is the Art Nouveau Capital. Oradea is the only Art Nouveau city in Romania recognized for its characteristic secession style buildings.

Why Oradea? Because it is a welcoming and lively city, which has gained colour precisely thanks to these architectural jewels renovated under the multi-year programme run by Oradea City Hall.

But Oradea is much more than Art Nouveau. It is a thriving city, a city of relaxation and health, a paradise of thermal waters that forms together with Băile Felix and Băile 1 Mai.

Situated on the western border of Romania, our city has always breathed the influence of Central Europe, at all times of its long history.

The strategic position in the centre of Europe has been an advantage for Oradea over the years and is now an advantage that brings sustained economic development.

Oradea City Hall's focus on stimulating both public and private investment is paying off in Oradea. Convinced of the correct, ethical attitude that the municipality shows in its relationship with taxpayers, more and more serious companies are coming to invest in Oradea, both in industrial parks, but not only, offering thousands of new jobs, increasingly better paid.

If you are a person interested in the education of young people and you are seriously asking yourself: "Why should I choose Oradea?", then I can tell you that Oradea is a city that constantly invests in both school and pre-school infrastructure, wanting young people in Oradea to benefit from the best conditions of study. Proof of this are the schools and kindergartens modernised with European funds.

In every neighbourhood, young people and others have access to green spaces and parks with playgrounds, relaxation areas, running tracks, sports fields and pump tracks.

This is the principle that guides the local administration of Oradea: every inhabitant should have a green area within 5 minutes walking distance from his home.

Numerous pedestrian areas have been created both in the city centre and in the Rogerius, Ioșia and Nufărul districts, as well as on the banks of the Criș Repede, so that a pleasant walk, with a long-lasting effect on your health, is guaranteed in any of the city's areas.

Oradea has one of the most modern Emergency Departments in the country and is about to build a state-of-the-art hospital dedicated to treating infectious diseases - one of the lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Because health is a very important component in the quality of life, hospitals in Oradea have been equipped in recent years to European standards, offering patients both a state-of-the-art health infrastructure and quality medical services, as well as highly trained medical staff.

If we haven't yet convinced you to move to the city on the Crișul Repede, you might like to know that we also prioritise infrastructure projects. We are constantly investing in the city's utilities infrastructure, whether we are talking about public roads, water, sewage or heating networks.

We are building underpasses to ease traffic flow, but also new transport routes that will generate development. We have under- and overflow car parks in the central area and beyond, so we can expand the pedestrian-only areas.

We boast a modern bypass with two lanes in each direction and connect to Europe via the four-lane A3 motorway link to the Borș II customs house. So the link to the European motorway infrastructure is already assured.

We pay attention to the quality of public transport. We are steadily increasing our fleet of public transport - new, clean trams and buses - and putting a premium on urban mobility. We are also extending and interconnecting the network of cycle paths.

If I haven't convinced you to come to Oradea yet, we have a huge aquapark, a magnet for the whole region - https://www.aquapark-nymphaea.ro/ . Also a new multi-purpose hall - the second largest in the country. The newly modernised Olympic pool is open to both competitive sports and citizens, as the appetite for sports activities is growing among the citizens of Oradea.


Come and meet us and answer for yourself the question: WHY ORADEA?
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