Mayor Florin Birta

Florin Birta

Mayor of Oradea

Elected in 27 September 2020, with 70% of the vote
Date of birth: 25 June 1983
Audiences: Every Monday at 9:00 a.m.
Address: Oradea City Hall, Piața Unirii nr. 1, cabinet 101

Mayor of Oradea

27 September 2020 - present


Coordination of the entire activity of the Municipality of Oradea, as well as of the subordinated municipal structures - companies, associations, foundations, agencies established by the municipality.

After 12 years of sustained development under Mayor Ilie Bolojan, it is up to me, as mayor, to continue the development of the city, making full use of non-reimbursable European funds. Already, Oradea has implemented projects with European funding worth 1.2 billion euros.

To these, private investments attracted in industrial parks and beyond, exceeding €1 billion, must be added. We are currently running other major projects with non-reimbursable funding in all the development directions our city needs.

We owe it to the community to take all those measures that have already worked and that we know will bring development, and beyond. Moreover, we need to broaden our focus to be more attractive as a city.

In order to continue the development of the city, we need to keep the younger generation in the city, but also attract brains to the city. That is why we are determined to attract as many investments as possible to bring "made in Oradea" products out of the factory gate, such as Nokian tyres.

At the same time, we are aware of the potential of the green component, both in terms of the quality of the air we all breathe and the opportunities for conversion to a green, environmentally friendly economy.

This is why Oradea City Hall continues to invest in projects that are the pillars of the transition to an attractive city, where you enjoy living:

  • with quality public spaces, characterised by pedestrianised streets and public squares, which highlight the special architecture of our city;
  • with green corridors and parks in all areas of the city, within 5-10 minutes walking distance of any city dweller, ideal for leisure;
  • with mobility corridors characterised by free-flowing, airy and therefore less polluting traffic;
  • with an interconnected infrastructure to serve travel by non-polluting means;
  • with new facilities typical of any modern city offering, such as new, generous sports facilities (multi-purpose hall, stadium, swimming pool), public gardens and modern spa gardens - all the more so as Oradea has the status of a spa resort;
  • with new hospitals, emergency units and polyclinics at European level;
  • with building projects for the production and use of clean energy, such as photovoltaic parks in the western part of the city and at the city's water plants, together with the use of geothermal water for heating residential blocks at neighbourhood level.

Deputy Mayor of Oradea

2016 - 26/09/2020

Coordination of the activity of the functional departments delegated by the Mayor by provision under the terms of Law no. 215/2001 on local public administration, republished. The performance of tasks other than those strictly related to the coordinated areas.

Coordination of subordinate directorates:

  • Technical Directorate
  • Oradea Social Assistance Department
  • Local Police
  • Municipal Sports Club Oradea

2009 - 2016 President of the Municipal Sports Club - CSM Oradea

  • organization and management of the Municipal Sports Club Oradea.
  • representing the club in relations with domestic and/or international sports bodies, other public or private institutions, jurisdictional bodies, organisations or economic agents, as well as with Romanian and foreign natural and legal persons.
  • drawing up the club's medium- and short-term development programmes in line with the national sports development strategy.
  • negotiating and signing club employment contracts.
  • coordination and control of the activity carried out within the sections by sport branch, as well as the coaches, in order to achieve the purpose and object of the club's activity.
  • Attracting new investors for all sports activities in order to achieve the purpose and object of the club.

2008 - 2009 Advisor to the Mayor

  • organising actions to represent the Mayor in various situations;
  • organising conferences with the media;
  • media liaison;
  • participation in the mayor's hearings - the recording and resolution of cases reported by citizens;
  • representing the Mayor, as delegated by the Mayor, at actions or activities in which he/she cannot participate;
  • collaborating with all the Directorates, Services and Departments of the City Council in order to carry out its tasks properly and on time.

2006 - 2008 Advisor to the Prefect of Bihor County

  • representing the prefect in the areas of activity and structures established by him;
  • organising events to inform the public and the media about the prefect's actions;
  • organising meetings of the prefect with local representatives of civil society, trade unions, employers and political parties;
  • the elaboration of media summaries to inform the prefect quickly and correctly;
  • ensuring and maintaining relations with the local media;
  • analysing data provided by surveys, statistics, studies and informing the prefect about the main problems and trends of the social and economic environment in the county.

Master's degree

2006 - 2008 Faculty of Legal Sciences Oradea - Master in Administrative Law;

Bachelor's Degree

2002 - 2006 "Vasile Goldiș" Western University of Arad - Law Degree.

Organisational and communication skills:

  • skills in coordinating an institution of over 400 people;
  • good communication skills in both small and large circles;
  • Extensive experience in negotiation in various fields.

Language skills:

Mother tongue: Romanian
Foreign languages: English - B2

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