Art Nouveau Capital

The unmistakable architectural heritage, imbued with the Art Nouveau (Secession) style, gives Oradea a very special air. It is not by chance that Oradea celebrates the World Art Nouveau Day every year in a very special way, attracting tourists from all over the world.

A city with a millennial history, located at the confluence of the West and the East, Oradea is a true "bridge city" between two worlds, which has managed during its existence to absorb and shape according to its own vision of the world all that the two great cultural "tectonic" plates had at their best.

Considered by art history specialists as a true "architectural reserve", Oradea is home to no less than 77 monument buildings officially registered in the lists of the National Commission for Historic Monuments.

Developed by the Foundation for the Protection of Historical Monuments in Bihor County - Oradea Heritage, portal highlights the museum and cultural sights that can be visited, as well as the history of the palaces of Oradea.

In Oradea, one can admire historical and architectural monuments built in styles such as:

- Art Nouveau (Black Eagle Complex, Adorjan House I and II, Poynar House, Hotel Astoria (Sztarill Palace), Hotel Transylvania, Ullman Palace, Stern Palace, Moskovits Palace, Apollo Palace);

- Renaissance (Oradea Fortress);

- Baroque (Basilica Minor - the Roman Catholic Cathedral "Ascension of the Virgin Mary", the Bishop's Palace, the "Canons' Row", the Church of the Moon, the Church of St Ladislaus, the Church of St Nicholas, the Hussars' Barracks, the Roman Catholic Church of the Fortress);

- Romantic (City Hospital, Ursuline Ensemble);

- Classic (Capuchin Complex);

- Eclectic (State Theatre, Bazaar Building, City Hall Building, Palace of Finance, Oradea Railway Station, Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Rimanoczy Kalman Senior Palace, Rimanoczy Hotel, Central Savings Bank Palace, Austro-Hungarian Bank - current headquarters of the NBR, Commercial Hall).

The good and very good condition of the monumental buildings, many of which have benefited from rehabilitation programmes, as well as the hospitable climate are the ingredients for the rapid development of cultural tourism in Oradea.

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