Top attractions in Oradea

Visit Oradea! Developed by the Association for the Promotion of Tourism in Oradea and Region (APTOR) - Visit Oradea, the tourism portal of Oradea offers a complete picture of the cultural, recreational and spa tourist attractions that represent our city.
Here are the Top 10 attractions in Oradea:

The largest aquapark in the western part of Romania awaits you with a multitude of services (slides, outdoor and indoor pools, spa pools, wellness - jacuzzi, saunas, Turkish bath, restaurant). Access to the aquapark is subject to a daily limit of 900 seats, tickets can be purchased online:

One of the most important sights of Oradea is the Oradea City Hall Tower. It is part of the administration building and was built according to the plans of architect Rimanoczy Kalman Jr. between 1902-1903, in neoclassical style and covers an area of 5,508 square metres. 4 floors, 59 m, 250 stairs take you above the historical centre of Oradea!

The tower is almost 50 m high and has four main levels, three of which are panoramic.

We invite you on a unique journey into the rise of the petit bourgeoisie. The museum exhibition dedicated to the interiors of Oradea "La Belle Époque" recreates the bourgeois environment of Oradea. The objects in the exhibitions were characteristic of bourgeois dwellings, in villas and palaces, built in the Art Nouveau

The building located at 4 Armatei Române Street, the former headquarters of the Masonic Lodges, is one of the most interesting and spectacular in Oradea, from an architectural point of view and from the point of view of the facade decorations. The construction was started according to the design of architects Bálint Zoltán and Jámbor Lajos in 1901, and attracted the attention of the public in Oradea, even if its dimensions are not impressive. It was completed during 1902, the building's purpose being that of a Masonic lodge headquarters. It is therefore no coincidence that many of the building's decorative elements are of Masonic inspiration, starting with the facade, deliberately designed without windows, with a finely marked portico.

The exhibition History of the Jews of Oradea was opened in the Aachvas Rein Synagogue in recognition of the Jewish community's contribution to the city's history. The names of those who perished in the Nazi camps inscribed on the walls, as well as the graphics depicting the Jews imprisoned in the ghetto and those imprisoned in the camp, are emotionally charged. In memory of the victims, stones were placed on the stairs.

Optimally located in a central area of the city, Zoo Oradea is one of the most generous and well-maintained zoos in Romania, offering a wide variety of species, from reptiles and amphibians to felines and other exotic animals, birds and animals specific to the European continental climate.
The largest museum in the western part of the country, the Cris Country Museum offers its visitors a fascinating universe with modern, interactive museum sections:
Hosted by the Oradea Fortress, the Oradea Museum is a structure of the biggest museum complex from this region of Romania. Tickets can be purchased online:
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